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You’ve been of great help to us, Darryl, we are very satisfied with how you handled our loan applications and eventually securing it, and you’ve worked closely with Nancy [Notary] to ensure all requirements and documentations were met. You've patiently and consistently reminded us of important dates, kept us updated at all times. Our emails and queries were addressed without delay. We are impressed by your professionalism and at the same time, you're very approachable. Considering the time frame we had to work on... really JIT (just in time), things turned out well. Keep in touch and take care,

Belen, Dean and Tina, PHILIPPINES

I could not ask for a better person to be on my side than Darryl in this otherwise daunting process of buying a home. From our initial phone call, he was quick understanding my situation and offered me more money than the other banks and mortgage broker, and all with a lower rate. As a result, I was able to purchase a home that I didn’t think I could afford. Darryl’s service is second to none. He is very responsive with text messages and emails, and is very patient explaining different options. Darryl has gone above and beyond, and is generous with his advice and suggestions every step of the way. Darryl has my whole-hearted endorsement for a mortgage expert.

Zhuo (Jo) Liu, Richmond Burnaby BC

Darryl is very knowledgeable and clearly really enjoys helping his customers. His customer service is second to none, he took the time to understand our needs, put together a thorough proposal and was always very quick to respond to questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Darryl!

Michael and Michaela, Burnaby BC

Darryl was a tremendous help with buying our new property! He helped us find a great rate and offered us financial advice that was particular to our situation. He always made sure to touch base with us to make sure everything went smoothly. We would definitely recommend Darryl for anyone looking for great service!

S & K Efting, Surrey BC

Darryl was very friendly and helpful in getting the best mortgage rate for us. He explained things in layman’s terms which made us feel comfortable. We are very happy with his professionalism and big smile. We were very pleased with his service and he made it less scary for us to understand financial matters regarding our mortgage. Thank you Darryl!

Arlene and Dwayne, Burnaby BC

Darryl, thanks so much for the amazing service you provided , not only did you secure a phenomenal rate with the conditions we required but you were able to do this without the extra fees! You answered all my questions and more every time i sent you a text or email and so quick too with even more information than i thought of! I will keep in touch and recommend your services to everyone. Btw I love the newsletters; there's some great information for everyone!

Roxanne and Ron, Abbotsford BC

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